Who We Are

Peggy Murriner founded BabysitEase in Cincinnati in 2004 and started finding exceptional babysitters for families, synagogues and churches in the community.  Since then several franchises and affiliates have launched around the country and we've added additional services to support the needs of our maturing families.

BabysitEase isn't just about finding the best childcare providers and families, this is also a manifestation of my life mission to build strong women and families.  We support small business, the leaders in our communities that are building a better future for our world, and the parents that want reliable (and awesome) experiences for their children- and their own relationships. 

Beginning in 2014 we are able to offer our operating platform, known as PairUp, to anyone around the country interested in bringing similar services to their city. To learn more or inquire about getting started visit our Franchise page.